In Spring of 2010, Randy purchased movie options to this true account.

New York has always been a mecca for immigrants, including an Egyptian dishwasher living in a cramped Brooklyn apartment he shared with three other Middle-Eastern men. But on July 31, 1997, the last place he wanted to be was home, where two of his roommates-young, angry Palestinians-were proudly showing off the bomb belts they planned to detonate on a packed rush-hour subway train.

Barely able to stifle his panic, the Egyptian told two policemen his story. Within minutes, they were in a Brooklyn precinct house, and the NYPD's famous Emergency Services Unit was on their way.

The brave men of the NYPD ESU staged a daring 5 AM raid on the sweltering, filthy tenement apartment, stopping the terrorists- who literally had their fingers on the switches of the bombs. Hundreds-perhaps thousands-of lives were saved. This is their frightening, true story.

Samuel M. Katz has written numerous books and articles on international terrorism and law enforcement. His articles have appeared in magazines around the world, from Esquire to Jane's Intelligence Review. He created two episodes of A&E's Investigative Reports, as well as a three-part series on counter-terrorism for The Learning Channel. He has appeared on the BBC and Fox News as a guest expert on counterterrorism.