Randy Jurgensen Profile - SPRING 3100 Magazine (includes picture of Randy and Frank Sinatra)


In the picture above, Jurgensen (gunner on left) and retired NYPD Det. Jim Aurichio get ready to "gun down" James Caan in "The Godfather."


Featured above is the widely-popular Godfather movie-release poster where Randy can be seen in the top right corner. As for the poor quality of the image, the poster is still in such high demand that the creators of this website had to take a digital picture of it in Chinatown, NY because it was the last one on the shelf and the store owner refused to sell it until he restocked his inventory. The owner said that it sells more than any other poster in the store and people have even tried to steal it off the shelf.


Of all Jurgensen's undercover cases, the one that earned him his gold shield became the inspiration for the controversial movie 'Cruising' starring Al Pacino. Randy is featured above on the set.


New York City PBA President Patrick J. Lynch presents Randy with a commemorative statue which reads, "Detective 1st Grade Randy Jurgensen: With deepest appreciation for the work you did at immense personal and profession risk to bring the killer of Police Office Phil Cardillo to justice and to restore the good name of all NYC Police Officers."


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