Randy Jurgensen is the personification of New York City.

The oldest son of Harlem superintendents, he enlisted and served as both a Paratrooper and as a Green Beret in Korea. His military accolades include three Bronze Stars and the prestigious Purple Heart formally presented to him at West Point in 2009.

As a detective, Randy worked the streets of Harlem for l6 years, during which time the murder of Police Officer Philip Cardillo became the catalyst for one of the largest scandals in the history of the NYPD.

To date, Randy has appeared in or produced over 50 films and television shows.  In his book 'Circle of Six', Randy lifts the curtain and sheds light on some of the darkest days of the NYPD.

In spring of 2010, Randy purchased options to Sam Katz' book Jihad In Brooklyn.  He is currently negotiating with screenplay writers.